Chief Patron:

  • Shri Jayant Kasliwal, Arihant College, Indore
  • Mr. Siddhant Joshi, IMES, Indore


  • Mrs. Kavita Kasliwal Kothari, Arihant College, Indore
  • Dr. Vaishali Waiker, Arihant College, Indore
  • Dr. Subhash Mathur, IMES, Indore

Finance Chair and Treasurer:

  • Mr. Kunal Kasliwal, Arihant College, Indore
  • Mr. Manmohan Joshi, IMES, Indore

General Chair:

  • Dr. Vivek Kapre, Arihant College, Indore
  • Mr. Gaurav Sethia, IMES, Indore

Organizing Secretary:

  • Dr. Priyadarshini Agnihotri, Arihant College & IMES, Indore

Program Chair: 

  • Mr. Kalpesh Bhatt, Arihant College & IMES, Indore

Conference Director:

  • Member from Research Foundation of India

Conference Convener:

  • Dr. Kunal Rawal, Arihant College & IMES, Indore
  • Heena Lakhani, Arihant College & IMES, Indore

Conference Co Convener:

  • Dr. Deepti Dass, Arihant College, Indore
  • Miss. Shweta Dani, IMES, Indore

Scientific Experts:

  • Mr. Sandesh Acharya, Arihant College, Indore
  • Mrs. Aneeta Sen, IMES, Indore